Bharat Seva Centre Distributor Opportunity – Requirements & Benefits


This is a great opportunity for individuals, budding entrepreneur, organizations, Groups, internet centres, shops, community centres/associations etc. to take up a venture that fulfils a vital social need and has great potential.

Any Individual / Group / Organization willing to register with Bharat Seva Centre as a distributor to open fully automated Online Service Assistance Provider, One Stop All Shop Local Solution Facilitator and appoint bharat seva centre agents in the respective areas.
  • 100-200 sqft shop/office area on ground floor (Owned / Rented)
  • Residential area with good density of population
  • Agent Registration fee depending on services selection (optional services extra)
  • Distributor Registration fee depending on distribution
  • Require computer, printer and internet facility
  • Working capital amount for promotion and wallet top up to do operations/services
  • Total devotion to agent and customer service
  • Focused, working for the sake of agents, customers, employees and family.

Invest in Yourself, Your Community, & Your Future
  • Self employment generation scheme
  • Opportunity to be an Entrepreneur
  • Opportunity to provide 1-2 direct employment opportunities
  • Recognition in your locality, bringing people together, creating awareness
  • Futuristic business, quick growth, commissions from agent appointment and support
  • Sets up ONE STOP ALL SHOP LOCAL SOLUTION FACILITATOR “A journey of customer service to achieve customer delight”
  • A goodwill based business which always grows with CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLE OPTIMIZATION.
  • He is looked up to as a local guide, philosopher and friend for any products or services and quickly picks up popularity.
  • For excellent services provided he will always be admired among local population and among the national level players wanting to launch any new product or services.
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